par Retsnomyrruc

Boom go the bombs, falling on our heads boom go the guns, piling up the dead Crash go the tanks, over rubble thick, Crash go the waves, with boats full of our sick Flying go our planes, off to Germany Sailing go our ships, down to Normandy Many many years, we have fought and cried Many many times, our armies have been tried Our allies they are many, our enemies they are too But soldiers keep on dying, we're whittled down to few We must keep on fighting, no matter what the cost For liberty, for freedom, for those that we have lost They say that we are winning, they hear the victory bells While us, we are still hurting, from sights and sounds and smells They think that this is over, they sing and shout and yell But what they're all forgetting is the war from mankind's hell We will still remember, many years from now Wake up in the night, with sweat apouring from our brow It never really finished, in fact it's only just begun With all of this in mind... Who can really say «*We won*»*?

Réflexion sur les horreurs de la guerre et le TSPT, sans trop aller dans le détail.

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Poème posté le 21/08/16


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